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Dobro 101

This is where it all starts. Dobro 101 is free and includes 3 sections. Getting Started talks about the bar, picks, tuning and strings. First Songs gets you playing 10 simple songs.  The Reference Section is where you'll find chord positions and scales.

Dobro Method

This is my main intermediate method course. I picked 7 songs that each get a little more difficult, and coupled them with technique instruction that gets applied in each song. This course starts off pretty easy, but by the end of it you should have a great understanding of the instrument.  The focus is on technique, timing, intonation and dexterity. Includes downloadable TAB and play-along tracks for all songs.

Improvisation Basics For Dobro

Improvisation is essential for playing dobro in a group setting. This course is designed to build a vocabulary for improvisation! Sections include Chord Based Improv, Linear Improv, and Ear Training.  Topics include passing tones, scales, playing over chord progressions, chord shapes, and the blues. Songs from the Dobro Method and Real World Dobro courses are used for reference.

Pick Blocking From Scratch

A mini-course focused solely on pick blocking. 12 exercises and a song to get your picks down on the strings! I think this is an essential skill, especially when playing up the neck in the "floating" position.

Real World Dobro

This is the course where you put it all together! Learn to back up a singer and play pads, fills, and chops with realistic play-along tracks. The tracks have spots for solos and intros as well as vocals from some of my singing buddies. Learn to follow changes and song forms and maps. This course currently consists of 7 songs with example videos and play-along tracks with and without vocals. Right now it's members only, but I'm going to add some stuff to it and sell it as a stand alone course eventually.


This course is members only.  It's where all of the stuff from my old, donation based website lives if it didn't end up in a course! There's a lot of stuff here. 60+ songs and pages and pages of TAB. Play-along tracks too! The TAB and play-along tracks are downloadable. If you're looking for something I did in the past, it's probably here.